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Psalm 1-4

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  • Do It Now!
    Agree with your adversary quickly… —Matthew 5:25In this verse, Jesus Christ laid down a very important principle by saying, “Do what you know you must do— now. Do it quickly. If you don’t, an inevitable process will begin to work ‘till you have paid the last penny’ (Matthew 5:26) in pain, agony, and distress.” God’s […]
  • The Poverty of the Prosperity Gospel
    The Book of Job has both shaken me and shaped me. When I first read it, I found it troubling. It didn’t seem fair. Job was a righteous man. But over the years, this story has helped forge my understanding of God and my theology of suffering. It has taught me that God himself — […]
  • Three Facts True of Every Christian (Part 2 of 2)
    Followers of Jesus come from all different backgrounds and persuasions. Yet there are certain characteristics common to every believer. We’ll look at Three Facts True of Every Christian as our study in First Peter continues on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg!

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