• Romans 6:14
    For sin will have no dominion over you, since you are not under law but under grace.
  • God's Eternal Decrees, Part 3 of 3 (The Mysteries of God) May 31, 2016
    To ask why God does what He does is to go where angels fear to tread. Paul wrote, “How unsearchable are His judgments, and his ways past finding out.” God’s purposes are unable to be thwarted. We must learn to accept His sovereignty and obey His commands.
  • Who or What is the Church? Part 1 of 2 May 30, 2016
    The word "church" conjures up all sorts of images, but the true definition resides in the New Testament. Jesus Christ is the foundation of the church, and this one truth forms the cornerstone for all we believe. On Truth For Life with Alistair Begg, we answer the fundamental question, "Who or What is the Church?"
  • Question and Answer, Part 55 May 30, 2016
    Often, the best way to learn—to make sure you understand what you’ve been taught—is asking questions. That’s especially true when you’re studying God’s Word. That in mind, stay tuned for a special question and answer session.
  • Building On the Word of God May 30, 2016
    The walls were built and the city was organized, but in Nehemiah’s day a spark was missing. There was a famine for the Word of God. This message shows that true revival depends upon the hunger, hearing, and honoring of the Word of God. No Word, no revival!


Our church takes very seriously the call of God to be His ambassadors throughout the world.  People from every tongue, tribe and nation need to be confronted with their need of salvation and the forgiveness from sin that comes through faith alone in Jesus Christ.  Here are the missionaries that we currently support…

Our Missionaries:

  • Terry & Gloria Dilley- Arctic Barnabas
  • Cheri Geise- World Venture
  • Marty & Karen Lange- Wycliffe
  • Gary & Ann Laver- New Tribes
  • Dave & Mitzi Shinen- Wycliffe
  • Malaga Media Center- Avant

June mission of the month: Christian Camping