• Psalm 30:2
    O LORD my God, I cried to you for help, and you have healed me.
  • He Saved Us, Part 1 of 2 September 26, 2016
    How do we avoid becoming proud of our salvation? In the book of Titus, Paul suggests that memory is the best remedy for pride. When we remember all that Christ saved us from, it's impossible to have contempt for the unsaved. Hear this convicting yet important teaching on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg.
  • The Pardon of Prayer, Part 1 September 26, 2016
    In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus instructed His followers to humbly come before God in prayer and say, “Forgive us our debts.” What exactly do you think those debts are? If you’re redeemed by Christ, haven’t your debts all been paid? 
  • The Portrait of an Apostate September 23, 2016
    God has given us a picture of a spiritual felon—someone who is dangerous to the church, someone you ought to be able to recognize. You’ll hear a vivid description today, designed to help you identify people who are persecuting the church from WITHIN!

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“Someone has said that the marks of a strong church are wet eyes, bent knees, and a broken heart. We’ll never be powerful until we let God be God and jealously guard His honor.” Pastor to Pastor, Kregel, 1998, p. 99.